Jane Duncan Rogers

What signs do we get from people who have died?

By Jane Duncan Rogers / April 1, 2021 /

Staying alert to signs can be a way to find comfort and support as you move forward with your life after a bereavement. Find out how a woodpecker helped Jane!

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Death By Design – in conversation with Kimberley Paul

By Jane Duncan Rogers / April 1, 2021 /

Learn why end of life planning is so crucial and why people don’t realise this until it’s too late. And how laughter when talking about this subject is so important!

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Who should I appoint as my power of attorney?

By Jane Duncan Rogers / February 25, 2021 /

If you’re not sure who you should choose for the different types of power of attorney here are some ideas to help you.

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What’s the difference between a will and power of attorney?

By Jane Duncan Rogers / February 1, 2021 /

Learn the difference between a will and power of attorney, and when each of them takes effect.

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What happens after I die?

By Jane Duncan Rogers / January 25, 2021 /

What happens after death is one of those perennial questions! Jane shares her thoughts on some of the different aspects you might want to consider.

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What does a white feather mean?

By Jane Duncan Rogers / December 6, 2020 /

Discover how the lightness of a feather (or three) helped Jane move through the gravity of grief.

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What is a shroud?

By Jane Duncan Rogers / December 1, 2020 /

“Would you rather your body was wrapped in a shroud, or placed in a coffin?” This was a question I asked folk in my Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/endoflifeconversations It turned out that it was more or less equally divided, but that many didn’t know hardly anything about a shroud.   So what is it?   It’s…

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sorting out stuff

How do I start on sorting out my stuff?

By Jane Duncan Rogers / November 2, 2020 /

Sorting out your stuff can sometimes feel so overwhelming that it’s really hard to get going. Here are my top 3 tips to help you make a start.

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Is there life after loss?

By Jane Duncan Rogers / September 13, 2020 /

When you’re bereaved, it’s easy to think there will never be any quality of life after loss. It’s such a hard time, but this story gives hope, inspiration and a sense of possibility, especially for those in the older stage of life.

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What’s the difference between end of life plan facilitators and end of life doulas? 

By Jane Duncan Rogers / August 26, 2020 /

End of life as a phrase has become much more common in the last few years, initially attached to the word ‘doulas’, and now there are end of life plan facilitators, or consultants, and even coaches. So what’s the actual difference?   An end of life doula is someone who is non-medical, and trained to…

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