Philip Rogers Scholarship Fund

The tenth anniversary celebration of Philip’s life and death

In his last year, my late husband Philip was writing a blog about what was happening and what he was learning from the (un)welcome guest in his body, stomach cancer. He was a wonderful writer, and these blogs he later turned into the beginning of a book. Sadly, He died before that could be finished.

But if he hadn’t died, Before I Go Solutions would never have existed, and thousands of people would not have heard about the importance of end of life plans.

To mark the tenth anniversary of his death, you have the opportunity to help our mission to make end of life plans as commonplace as birth plans by contributing to our Philip Rogers Scholarship Fund.

The Scholarship Fund provides assisted places on our accredited End of Life Plan Facilitators Programme, for people from marginalised corners of our community (like BIPOC) and/or those from countries where the average income means the BIGS course fees are out of reach.  See more about the Facilitators Programme here

It enables participants to become fully qualified Facilitators, bring this work to their own communities and help others get their end of life plan done.

Phil Rogers Scholarship Fund

To date, we've had 5 people take advantage of this scheme and we want many more people from marginalised communities to be able to access our accredited End of Life Facilitator Training Programme. To do this we need your help.

Here’s how you can easily support a student who otherwise would not be able to join in the Facilitators Programme:

Clicking on the donate button will take you to our Paypal page where you can complete the donation. Remember to tick the 'ADD MY ADDRESS' box to receive your signed copy of 'GIFTED BY GRIEF!'


£15 donation will cover the cost of Before I Go: The Essential Guide to Creating a Good End of Life Plan


£25 donation will cover the cost of a Workbook


£35 donation will cover the cost of End of Life Planning Cards

^^(all the above three products are provided to students as part of the training fee)^^


£75 donation will cover the cost of all the above


£500 donation covers the cost of one of the four parts of the training


£600 donation allows one student to be a member of the Fab Facilitators for a year (the ongoing support network and resource community)


£1,997 is the full training fee for one student

Many many thanks in advance, for helping us in our mission to have everyone get their End of Life Plans done and on behalf of Philip too, who would be thrilled to know he is still making a difference in the world!