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Hello. My name is Ann and I help people with End of Life Planning to suit their needs and dispel their anxieties.


Plan for tomorrow and live for today.


"When my mother died suddenly falling downstairs, she left no indication of her wishes. My three siblings and I all had different views on where she should be buried. It was so painful deciding this alongside dealing with the police, the inquest and everyone’s grief that I vowed then that my children would not have to endure this."


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Compassionate, warm AND well-organised


“Ann is warm, compassionate, empathetic, and nurturing, especially with older people, along with being clever, well organised and good with numbers - which are exactly the qualities needed to handle the delicate subject of someone’s mortality.”

Eva Strasburger, 2023

Services I offer

We plan for births and weddings but navigating end of life matters also needs direction and I am here to guide you on this journey.

Working in the care sector I have gained a deep understanding of the mental and physical challenges that we all face as we get older, and I also bring to this work a lifetime of honing organisational skills and finding creative solutions to complex problems.

  • My grandmother died naturally of pneumonia in hospital aged 90. The doctors resuscitated her against the wishes of her 6 children and would not agree to let her die. If she had made a Power of Attorney this painful situation could have been avoided.
  • Fred lived in the care home I ran. Aged 87, he had inoperable cancer but did not want to go to hospital. With good advance planning and support, I ensured he could stay in his flat and enjoy a good and peaceful death with his daughters beside him.


According to the charity, Marie Curie, 90% of people in the UK say it is essential to plan in advance of dying, but only 14% actually DO anything about it.


You will create your simple but personalised plan giving the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your wishes are documented.

Those you love will be given a clear indication of your wishes and have authority to make decisions if you lose capacity. With all this you will have my support.


Here are some of the things End of Life planning can cover:

  • Household & Property matters – decluttering and planning ahead
  • Determining Life & Death Values – preparing Advance Medical Decisions
  • Checking your Will reflects your current wishes, Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Digital Life/Finances – ensuring information is accessible to your loved ones
  • Taking Care of your Body – Undertaker, Funerals and Rituals
  • Obituaries/Eulogies/Legacy

Let's Talk

Some people might say that there is no need to talk as they are fit and healthy and it is too soon.

It is always too soon until it is too late!

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About Ann


I have a lifetime of experience of End of Life issues on a personal level and recently as CEO of a charity supporting older people with housing and care needs.

Passionate about cycling, yoga, wild swimming and meeting strangers who often become friends, I am also a trained counsellor and volunteer at St Christopher's Hospice.