Facilitator - Kate MacDuff

I’m a licensed End of Life Planning Facilitator based in Forres, Scotland.
I enjoy supporting people to create Dead Simple End of Life Plans with grace and ease.

We all know we should get our affairs in order, but somehow it's hard to get around to actually doing it.

Engaging in End of Life Planning with my mentoring and support, can help you to make well-informed decisions about your end-of-life care and prepare well for your death, making life easier for yourself while you're here and simpler for your loved ones when you're gone.

Kate Macduff

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Forres, Scotland

About Me

In my earlier life I was a Natural Birth Educator supporting couples to have the best experience of childbirth they could have through creating birth plans amongst other things.

This brought me in touch with the miracle of life on a regular basis.

Following that I’ve been a herbalist and health practitioner facilitating people in making meaning of illness and finding solutions and healing at all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.

A couple of years ago I unexpectedly faced my own death when I had a serious cardiac arrest, in spite of all my knowledge and understanding of the body.

This came as quite a shock to me and has shown me that not one of us has any real control over our bodies or our death.

Having also witnessed the way a close friend dealt with her own diagnosis and dying process by cutting herself off from everyone, this combined with the shock of my own experience to illuminate the importance of facing the reality and inevitability of death.

No matter what age we are, preparing to die needs to be included in living our life, in a sensitive, caring and tender way.

Facing our own ending is definitely not easy, and our culture hasn’t encouraged open conversation about dying until very recently, so I believe there have to be places where it’s okay to speak about our fears, to dream into our desires for a good death, and to support each other in this process of making realistic preparations.

I work online or in person with individuals, couples and small groups and feel privileged to support clients in exploring the beauty and wonder of this next transition.

If you think we'd be a good match give me a call or send an email. I'd love to hear from you and support you in making this process Dead Simple.

Services I Offer

  • End of Life Planning
  • Herbalist and Health Practitioner
  • HeartSpace Facilitator
  • WorldSpace Facilitator
  • Author and proof-reader

More About Me

  • I’m originally from Australia and I’ve lived in Scotland for 19 years
  • I love working with technology and helping folks to get organised step by step
  • I am open, authentic and honest
  • I’m not afraid of feelings or talking about difficult subjects
  • I have three children and seven grandchildren so I understand the complications of family needs
  • I love simplifying the seemingly complicated
  • Most people will tell you I bring clarity as my main gift in any situation. I generally have a way of seeing through the dross.
  • I have two Tibetan Terrier dogs I adore – if anyone’s in control of me, it’s them!
  • I do art for fun, read chic lit, as well as serious non-fiction, and like to do long distance walking in lovely weather – not always possible in Scotland.  Plenty of wonderful walks, but not ideal weather!
  • I have a strongly spiritual bent on life, having been clairaudient for the last 30 years. I’m very sure there’s much more to life than what we see around us.
  • I again faced my own death when I was alone at midnight, 10 days after my first cardiac arrest and realised I didn’t feel afraid of it when a second milder one occurred. I chose not to call an ambulance and sat with the possibility that I might not wake up in the morning. I felt calm and peaceful and finally fully aware that despite my constant efforts, I have no control over what happens in life. I can only surrender as life moves through me.

Let's Talk

Working with care and humour with the Before I Go Method®, together we’ll address the emotional, spiritual and practical aspects of end-of-life matters in a simple, sensitive and straightforward way.

With the right kind of guidance you can stop procrastinating and move forward with your End of Life Plan, with confidence and clarity.

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