Facilitator - Sarah McGuire

Hi, I'm Sarah.

I help those who want to get to grips with their end of life affairs and want to have fun while doing so.

My aim is to make it a relaxed, enjoyable process rather than something to be feared.

I help you get on top of what you want and empower you to have the necessary conversations with your loved ones.

My goal is that after we've finished working together you'll feel confident about your end of life wishes and ready to get on with living!

I'm based in Chatham, Kent, though I'm also happy to work online with clients.


+44 7807815750

Kent Chatham, UK

More about working with me

You want to make sure your wishes are known.

The right documents are in place.

You’ve got clarity on what your last days will look like, who you want to spend those last weeks / days / hours with (and who you don’t), what you want to happen, and what you definitely don’t!

Maybe you want to leave others a lasting reminder of you, or perhaps you just want to get your household admin and clutter sorted so there’s less stress for your loved ones when the time comes.

Maybe you’re worried about being a burden?

Or you’re frightened someone’s going to step in and take over and your last wishes won’t be followed?

I’ve seen similar things happen in my previous career managing sheltered housing schemes and in my current practice running an estate planning business helping people sort their Wills, Advanced Directives and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Results you’ll get from working with me

  • Clarity on your end of life wishes.
  • Clearer communication about your wishes with your nearest and dearest (if you want to).
  • A better understanding of your options with regards to the type of care you might want, how you want to spend your last days / weeks, and your funeral etc.
  • Feeling totally in control of what might happen and when, both while you’re alive and after you have died.
  • The relief of knowing you've made things as stress-free for your loved ones as possible.
  • Freed up time and head space to “get busy living” rather than worrying about dying.

Three steps to working with me

(1) Give me a call!

(2) Decide what you want

We’ll have a chat about whether you have a specific area you wish to address or whether you want to get your whole “End of Life Planning” Shizz sorted.

(3) We’ll get cracking on

Ticking things off your "to-do" list over our fortnightly sessions.

Services I offer

Group work

Public speaking events

All the fun later life legal bits including

  • Wills,
  • Trusts,
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney and
  • Advanced Directives

Let's Talk

Drop me a line or give me a call and we can get the dying sorted so you can free up your mind (and your time) to get on with the living.

Schedule a free, no-obligation, half hour, 'are we right for each other' call.

Complete the form below, giving me a few dates and times you're available to speak to and brief details of how I can help you.

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More about me

My background through most of my career was in managing and working in different types of housing - Learning Difficulties, Looked After Children, Care Leavers and Older Adults living in rented and leasehold sheltered housing.

I've always had a bit of a Death phobia - nobody is more surprised than me that I’ve ended up talking about it every day!

I'm a member of Society of Will Writers.

I also have housing and management qualifications, plus a 1st class Technology Degree, much to the amusement of my nearest and dearest as they watch me try to fathom out how to operate the printer.

I'm currently (very slowly and badly) learning to speak Spanish.

I'm in a process of writing a book about death and dying and other things I’m terrified of.

I have a penchant for being outdoors. I like to kid myself I’m fit and sporty. The reality is somewhat different, as can be seen by my rather hilarious recent attempts at learning to ski.

I'm the owner of two adult sons, one small smelly dog and a slightly sarcastic sense of humour.