Facilitator - Julie Nierenberg

End-of-Life Matters is an online venue for individuals, couples, and small groups to receive guidance and coaching to create a great end-of-life plan.

I am a licensed facilitator of the Before I Go Solutions method, a systematic and thorough approach to ensure you have taken care of all such matters before your own end of life happens.

This is one of the greatest gifts you can leave for your loved ones.

What I Offer

Many clients express a lack of ability to focus, to make informed end-of-life decisions and document them.

They are at a loss where to begin and how to emerge victorious as they prepare their affairs for loved ones to manage after they are gone.

Do you relate to this dilemma?

I am prepared to guide and inform you:

  1. Using the Before I Go Solutions methods, I will compassionately guide you through the steps you need to conquer these end-of-life hurdles.
  2. I will help you gain confidence about the wisdom of your choices and the ways you can share these important decisions with your loved ones.
  3. Please visit my website and schedule a discovery call with me, so we can choose what’s next for your end-of-life planning.

More About Me

I am a freelance writer and editor, a lifelong educator and artist.

My heart-led purposes evolved over the past decade to include end-of-life education.

In 2012, I was with my father as he transitioned from this life, and that event had a profound and lasting effect on my path forward.

In 2013, I published a short memoir about that experience called Daddy, This Is It. Being-with My Dying Dad.

Then, in 2017, I co-published (with Victoria Brewster) a collection of 54 unique perspectives called Journey's End: Death, Dying and the End of Life.

My training in the Before I Go Solutions methodology opens new ways of serving others in the end-of-life field. By providing End-of-Life Matters services, I facilitate this method of preparing my clients for their end of life.

Member, ADEC, Association for Death Education and Counselling

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I hope you will join me and enjoy greater peace of mind, a gift you give yourself and your loved ones.

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