Facilitator - Karen Peddie

Hi, I’m Karen from Know Loose Ends – End of Life Planning and I’m here to empower, encourage and support you as you make your own End of Life Plan. I know this can be a difficult subject to talk about and that is why I use my skills to help you overcome any blocks that may appear when you ‘Know’ this is something you need to do, but don’t know where to start.
A good End of Life plan will have all your important details and documents in one safe place.

Your loved ones or nominated persons will know where that safe place is and will be able to fulfil your wishes quickly and easily.

They will be grieving your loss, so having to make decisions on your behalf, without access to this information, will be difficult and cause much stress and anxiety.

For you, Know Loose Ends will help you prevent a tangled legacy of ‘stuff’ that needs to be sorted out, either legally, physically or emotionally.

I will help you make those decisions NOW while you are able to do so. YOU can make those difficult decisions much easier with the help and support of an Accredited Planning Facilitator, who will be with you every step of the way.

Three Questions:
- Where are your details and documents stored now?
- Who would know where to find them?
- Are you ready to create your own plan?

Two Reasons:
- Peace of mind that everything is taken care of.
- Less stress and anxiety for your loved ones.

One Plan:
Using the Before I Go Method, you will have everything documented and stored in one safe, easily accessible place with Know Loose Ends.

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Services I offer

  • End of Life Planning
  • Support to complete Powers of Attorney
  • Support to complete an Advanced Care Directive
  • A listening ear
  • Reiki
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Mental, Emotional and Spiritual support