Facilitator - Kathryn Koromilas

No one likes thinking about or talking about or preparing for death. And, yet, when we do start a conversation about death there is, very often, a galvanising effect.

We suddenly want to start living well right now. We want to spend more time with the people we love.

We want to tell them how wonderful they are and not leave any love unsaid any longer. We want to organise our legals and our homes. We want to let go of clutter and regrets.

We want to write our stories. We want to leave a legacy.

Creating an end-of-life plan, or getting your "death matters" in order, as I say, is the first step towards achieving peace of mind about the future, making peace and letting go of the past, and living fully in the present moment.

Because your death matters, today.

So, let's get to planning.

Kathryn Koromilas end of life plan facilitator

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Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

End-of-life planning individual coaching and group facilitation.

Obituary writing coaching and workshops.

Legacy writing coaching and workshops.

Death writing coaching and workshops.

Memoir writing coaching and workshops.

Creative writing for therapeutic purposes (writing through fear, loss, and grief).

About Kathryn

I'm a writer and an educator. My philosophy of life, work, and play is inspired by the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, such as the Stoics.

These philosophers contemplated death daily as a philosophical exercise. This was their way of facing difficult things head-on. What they achieved was emotional resilience and the clarity to live each day fully.

This head-on, though gentle, approach has really transformed my life.

When I started contemplating death and when I started my end-of-life planning, everything changed: My outlook on life, the things I say yes to, my personal values, the way a single complete day looks like for me.

If death is going to happen to me anyway, then why not face it and plan for it right now and then be mentally and emotionally free to get on with living my best life?

Would you like a simple, domestic example to get started?

So, the thought of dying suddenly and leaving behind a messy house used to bring me a lot of anxiety on a daily basis. However, my end-of-life planning activities mean that I'm regularly tidying things up, minimising, boxing items for charity stores, and only keeping the necessary things and, of course, all my nostalgic things. So, although I have my eye on the future, I am always looking at how my present space is benefiting my life, reflecting my values, and making me feel free so that I can live my best life for myself, for those I love, and for my community.

There are other more difficult things to plan for the end but does this example resonate with you? I'd love to know how your end-of-life planning would transform your life.

Let's Talk

I know it's hard to start a conversation like this one but I promise to help you feel safe and secure and to make you feel that everything is, as Marie Forleo says, "figureoutable," however messy your house or your affairs in general are.

Let's meet for a coffee and chat (virtually on Zoom or in-person if you are in South West Scotland!).

And, before we do, here are a few things to think about so that we can have a very good first meeting. But if you can't think about these things yet, no worries, we'll just have a general chat to start with!

  • Why do you want to start this conversation?
  • What do you think is a priority for you right now? Your house, your paperwork, your legals, your future health, your funeral? (This might change as we start working together.)
  • What are your thoughts about legacy? Is there a story you'd like to share? Or a cause you'd like to support?
  • How soon would you like to get planning? What is your schedule like at the moment?

I really look forward to having a life-changing conversation with you and supporting your end-of-life planning.

Chat soon.


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