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Hello and thank you for joining the Before I Go community!

Here’s your LINK to the PDF “The 8 Components of a Good End of Life Plan”

Before I go Solutions was started after my husband died a few years ago. The questions I asked of him before he died have now spawned a book, workbook and the online BIG Method course that gives participants support, encouragement and lots of assistance on actually getting their plans completed.  Because this is what I have discovered people need, otherwise life itself just gets in the way and before they know it, it’s too late, someone close has died, and everything is still in a bit of a mess.

The Mission

I am now on a mission to have end of life plans be a normal part of everyone's life. To make them as commonplace as birth plans. By being part of this community, you are helping this vision come to light, and to do this it means we need to start - and continue - having inspiring conversations with those nearest and dearest to us.


You’ll find the free resources to do just that within our community. If you're on Facebook, you are welcome to join Facebook group HERE.  I look forward to welcoming you, so be sure to say hello. However, If you are looking for some immediate support here are a couple of resources you can buy.

The book. "Before I Go"  at £12.99 available from Amazon. It contains my story, the journey I went on with Philip to complete his list. It provides all the information you need to complete your own list. Here 

Getting Started Today With. "The Big Workbook"  at £35.00

Your fastest route to a complete plan is the 100-page Big workbook. It contains all of the essential information for an immediate start. It is well laid out with space for your answers and your notes.

The Big workbook is about getting the essential questions asked and answered in a step by step guide.  It is available now as a downloadable and fillable PDF, for you to print out or complete on your device.

You can buy and download this HERE NOW and you will have taken the first big step toward a completed plan.



B.I.G. blessings