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Use this form if you would like to have your own page and listing in our Facilitator's directory page.

Here's a demo page of what your own page could look like.

Here's a Word Document template you can download and fill in the answers (and play around/consider the answers) before submission.

After submission, you should get a Success Message. If you do not, then you will need to start again (hence it's a good idea to use the Word document to record your answers).

Facilitator Details

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Contact details to be displayed
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compelling introduction and summary of who you serve, your location, and the results you give people
e.g. Acuity, Calendly so potential customers can set up an exploratory call.
preferably hosted in Vimeo. YouTube will also work, however, you can't control what happens after the video finishes playing - it shows related videos which could potentially be competitor videos
Include the problem/feelings potential client has, position yourself as the guide (include empathy, your qualifications/experience), a 3-step plan to working with you, the results they'll get from working with you and the next step for them to take (e.g. visit your website, schedule a call)
any client quotes or testimonials to be added here
please include all services, courses available from you
Include some information about you, include some quirky information that humanises you/sets you apart.
add a final message that compels them to take action (e.g. set up a call, fill in the form)
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