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Love, and go on

I read this on a Facebook post a while ago; I’ve seen it before but it’s great to be reminded of this wisdom. It’s for a woman who has lost her male partner, but obviously you can amend it to read whatever is appropriate for you in your situation. You can shed tears that he…

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Grief never ends…?

  Grief never ends is a very common belief, but it’s not true. Grief changes, because when you grieve a loss you are on a journey, whether you like it or not. A journey is about travelling, learning, growing; making mistakes, discovering and exploring. During this you will be changing; you can’t help it. So ditch…

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Why the commonest things said to you about grief are actually the worst.

What is it that everyone says to you? You’ll never get over it It’ll just take time These two things were said to me, and I’ve discovered, said to others too. They’re not helpful though, because they’re not true. Here’s why: ‘You’ll never get over it’ – death of a loved one is not something you…

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