How do I let go of unnecessary stuff?

A couple of weeks ago was the last night of our wonderful Before I Go Method online course – and one of the things that came up was how on earth anyone ever actually manages to let go of unnecessary stuff that lies around in the house!

We all have it, don’t we!

Just taking a look round my sitting room now, I can see a couple of piles of paper on the floor, waiting to be sorted through. A bunch of clothes on a chair waiting to be mended (how many months is that now, I wonder?). And a shelf in the bookcase full of books, on top of other ones.

Nothing too serious (but then you are talking to someone who regularly moves house and therefore finds it easy to clear away and let go).

But I still have the same challenges as you do when it comes to deciding what to let go of.

So here’s how I do it:

  1. Acknowledge that action is needed to let go of unnecessary stuff
  2. Choose ONE small area to tackle (eg the pile, or the bookshelf, or mending one item of clothing)
  3. Do it. (Yes, just flipping well get on and do it!!)

If I’m sorting, then the categories are:
a) useful?
b) beautiful?
c) love it?

If it fits into any one of those then it is kept; otherwise it goes into
a) recycling
b) giving to charity/thrift shop
c) selling
d) bin

Then all that has to happen is the same as in 3) above – ie JUST DO IT!

This is the kind of thing I write about it in much more detail in my book Before I Go – and now I am off to tidy the bookshelf in my office! Here’s a pic:

It doesn’t look too bad, but there is definitely room for improvement, especially on the little shelf.

In the meantime, happy sorting, letting go, AND feeling good about it!

PS I was interviewed recently by Helene Stelian, of Empowering Women in MidLife – if that’s you, then take a look here:

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