Podcast Interview with The Discomfort Practice

Betsy Reed of The Discomfort Practice interviewed me for her podcast.

Podcast interview with The Discomfort Practice

If ever there is a discomforting conversation, it is about death.

But this particular one includes much more. In this podcast interview with The Discomfort Practice, Jane shares insights about her personal journey through grief and what came after. Listen for inspiration, insight and to be deeply moved.

Jane and I discuss end-of-life preparation. This includes preparing for what happens after you die, but it also includes ensuring measures are in place to make sure your last days are enjoyable.

Jane is CEO of “Before I Go Solutions”, a non-profit dedicated to ensuring the procedures are in place to provide the end-of-life care you deserve.

We talk about the life we leave behind after death and how to ensure that we live the best life possible as we come to an end.

She shares her personal experience with bereavement and grief by talking about the death of her husband. Jane speaks raw and vulnerably about her husband’s end-of-life experience and how they both became closer than ever in this time. I also talk to Jane about the physical world we leave behind, our household, our belongings, and our digital life, and how to prepare all aspects for when we are no longer here.

I have an open and honest conversation about the belief that we are only inhabitants of the body we are in and that inside of us is something unique that makes us who we are. Jane speaks about her spiritual journey and how her husband’s death made her realize that we are not just bodies. We are all so much more.

I ask the question: “What is the legacy that I want to leave behind?” and “What can I do to leave a positive impact on this world?”

Key Points:

  • The death of Jane’s husband and how it changed her life forever (04:00)
  • Finding strength through adversity and how to view loss as a gift (06:30)
  • How Jane wrote her best-selling book by being vulnerable and authentic (10:00)
  • We are much more than the body we inhabit (12:00)
  • The benefits of end-of-life planning for the people you love (22:00)
  • How to make the most of the time you have (25:00)
  • The difference between bereavement and grief (32:00)
  • The legal aspects of end-of-life care (34:00)
  • Advanced care planning, how do you want to live whilst nearing the end of your life? (35:00)
  • Our digital lives and what we leave behind (36:00)
  • The importance of documenting and taking care of things before you die (40:00)
  • How can you be a good ancestor, and what legacy will you leave behind? (50:00)

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