How to keep my end of life plan secure

You may have read in the press, all about Biscuit Tin, who a few days ago were on Dragons Den (equivalent to Shark Tank in USA).

Biscuit Tin news article

Sheila Hogan, who founded Biscuit Tin as a result of her parents’ deaths, had a similar idea to mine when I started Before I Go Solutions – which is to revolutionise how end of life planning is done (or, indeed, not done!) in this country and the rest of the world.

Biscuit Tin Partners with Before I Go

And I’m delighted to say that Biscuit Tin and Before I Go Solutions have been partners since 2020. What this means for you is:

  1. If you have a digital PDF copy of the Before I Go Workbook, you can upload the whole thing, along with your will, powers of attorney and advance directive documentation, at Biscuit Tin, completely free. Visit You can upload up to 10 documents for free, forever.
  2. If you prefer to create your own plan online from scratch, which means not just uploading documentation, but also stating all the info that you would have in your Workbook online, you can do that by signing up for free for 3 months (special offer for Before I Go customers only!) After that there is a small annual charge. See here

If you choose option 2, I highly recommend you do it in conjunction with my book Before I Go: The Essential Guide to Creating a Good End of Life Plan, as this will give you the thinking behind what you need to make decisions, and help you populate your Biscuit Tin profile.

How to keep my end of life plan secure

My question to you is:

What is your attitude to safety and security?

Do you prefer a system that enables the secure, encrypted, online storage of your end of life planning information online, while safely nominating those whom you choose to have access to this information after you have died?

Or do you prefer to have your PDF stored on your computer, a memory stick, an encrypted document, or printed out and stored in a safe place in your home?

Neither one is right or wrong – it’s just down to your personal choice.

Either way, make sure you discuss with at least one other person what you have done – it’s not a great surprise to discover that you are an authorised person to someone’s digital life after they have gone. Or even worse, that you are an executor of their will and didn’t know.

So get cracking now and sort these things out!

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